Shadow service in Colorado?

  • 23 June 2020
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Hello Shadow community,


I have been using Shadow over the past year in Dallas with amazing results.  However, I am moving to Durango, CO very soon and wondering whether/how it might perform from a different state?  Anyone with a similar experience?


Thank you


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Here you can have a better view of Shadow USA coverage:

However, you will still be connected to TX1 (Texas data center) so I would expect a higher latency. If you already are in Durango, you can test your connection to TX1 and have a better idea of your experience through this link:




Welcome! I use Shadow daily out of the Boulder area with Comcast gigabit and it works great, however my DC is California, so I’m not sure how the TX connection would fair. It should probably be noted that I’m also down the street from a major Comcast/L3 backbone, so YMMV.



Thank you all for the prior responses!

Just to follow up, I have since tested my Shadow in Durango CO, as well as Albuquerque NM, and it worked great in both locations!