Shadow shows black screen

  • 28 July 2020
  • 4 replies

Hi there, 

When I start my Shadow and connect I only see a black screen. I tried it on my computer and mobile phone. Both give the same issue. I also turned my shadow off and waiting about 20 minutes. Still the same issue. 

Then I tried to reset my VM but that gives the error “Oups, something went wrong, we could not reset your vm”.

Any suggestions? I send support a email this morning. But still no reply. 


4 replies

Hey man I am having the same issue! just started today it is driving me nuts!

Did you find a resolution??

I contacted the support center but still have not received any help its driving me crazy!!

Did you find a resolution??

When I was messing with my graphics trying to get it to match had a similar issue -- for me, I clicked the (?) on the launcher - and clicked Display safe mode.

then once inside, it recognized my resolution and asked me to set to default.

hope this helps 


Hi thats happend to me everytime and now i cant solve again.. Last time i was format and delete all and works but this time i dont wanna do that again