Shadow Speedtest on new Apple TV 4K is slow and shadow is unusable

  • 6 October 2021
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Hey guys. I just got the new Apple TV 4K recently and wanted to use shadow on it to play some games. And I’d like to say that it isn’t at all usable for me. I am connected via 5GHz wifi connection on it and when I use it there is a  lot of lag. The speed test on the app shows me a download of 5 mbps whereas on the Speedtest app by ookla it is showing a 250+ download and upload speed on the Apple TV. 

I don’t have any lag issues on my iPad, MacBook nor my iPhone, all connected via wifi on 5GHz, the shadow experience is butter smooth there (even via 5G it’s usable on my iPad) but on the Apple TV it’s completely unusable. Could there be something that I am doing wrong in setting up shadow on my Apple TV?

The firmware is on TVOS 15 for the Apple TV and the shadow app is on version 3.7.5. I am connected to the Dallas Datacenter and am physically in Austin. 

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