Shadow Storage Performance

  • 9 April 2022
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So; recently I allowed shadow to swap me over to their newer servers and with doing so I realized that my shadow is using a hard drive that literally can’t even install Call of Duty: Black Ops (One) in less then 2-5 minutes and I know this is purely a storage speed issue because thats the only difference I can find in the shadow pc


 I mean this has gotten so bad that I can’t even load a webpage in less then 30 seconds anymore; and its starting to piss me off; when the price for shadow increased to 30 I didn’t mind it; but now I can’t even install a game because of the storage speed;


at this point minus ingame performance; my normal computer is better then the shadow computer; and its a 5 year old workstation with integrated graphics and a 2tb 7200rpm barracuda hdd


shadow please change the hard drives because at this point you’re literally scamming the people that decide to use this service out of 30 dollars a month

*Edit: sorry scratch not being able to install a game; change that to Not even being able to download STEAM

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Hello @BIO.Thomas, sorry to hear that your download speed is slow.


I would love to assist you out properly. Please go ahead and reach out to our wonderful Support Team from your account page ( so that they can help look into this further.