Shadow Tech randomly freezes after 2 minutes?

  • 4 November 2020
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Once my Shadow Boost loads it freezes after 2-4 minutes then I have to press

Wndows + Alt + F

to force close and reopen shadow for it to start again?

Then itll say Error R-109 or R-1

I dont know if it has anything to do with me buying a new laptop or what but its very furstrating, can somebody please help me? It lierally happens EVERY TIME.

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2 replies

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R109 means a disconnection from Internet from your side. Is your internet connection stable enough.

I would advise you to check the support team’s page about R-109 and test the solutions in there.

Assuming you are using a laptop and/or wifi; try to connect to the modem directly with a so called utp cable.
When that results in no disconnects you can conclude that the cause is at least not your internet and/or device.
In case you still get a freeze, can you still open youtube videos? (not on Shadow, on the device you use to run Shadow)