Shadow USB driver installation not working

  • 10 December 2021
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I recently started using this service, and everything is great except for one issue with installing USB drivers. 

Im using a 2019 iMac and when I go to settings, My shadow, I choose to install the drivers. I’m then greeted with a message that reads: “An unexpected error happened with the USB devices redirection drivers”.

Im then given the option to a) fix drivers, b) uninstall drivers.


To be clear - Ive tried the fix option, uninstall, restarted Mac, re-installed the app, and finally read the Help Center article for manually uninstalling by using commands in terminal. Even that didn't work as apparently permissions are denied. 

Ultimately, Im unable to fully install USB drivers at all right now as well as fix or uninstall it seems.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hello @Sharatain 

What Mac device are you using? Model name, year and current MacOS version would be great to know,

Yeah sorry I didnt clarify earlier. Its a 2019 imac desktop running Monterey OSX.

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@Sharatain Shadow has deployed a fix to this issue to the current ALPHA version. You can download the alpha launcher via any Shadow official discord. Enter the discord, accept the #rules, get the Alpha Tester role from #roles and check the pinned messages in the #alpha channel. If you need assistance feel free to ask for help.