shield tv resolution switcher broken

  • 12 December 2020
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I'm having near constant issues with my shield tv and shadow's changing resolution solution.

Basically when a game tries to change the resolution at launch it creates a loop right now. Shadows resolutions changer appears to fail, it tries again and again. Also most times I can't change the resolution of the stream after it's started from android. 

UnlessI change the resolution with my laptop first..... Then resume my shadow from android with the correct resolution settings to avoid the Android resolution switcher. 

The same applies for games, say a game launches in 1080p, if I know this I can change the settings in the app and it magically works again, just at 1080p. If I don't know the resolution it starts on I have to guess, to many wrong guesses and the app hangs at starting stream. Again I can pull out my laptop and work around this, but it can make launching a games extremely painful sometimes.


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