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  • 15 September 2020
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Offer a button here that sends a Shutdown /a command to the machine such that a user can cancel their own accidental closure of the Shadow host application.


(I mean, okay, I guess because I’m a lurker I can’t have Sys Admin ideas even though I use Shadow as a dev machine and I’m a veteran Desktop Admin? .. maybe do better there, too - I like you guys and your software, but I want to close this page right now and just give up on my suggestion)


4 replies

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That’s not how it works, though. If you close your Shadow session, the VM will not shut down right away unless you also click the button at the bottom:

If you then close the desktop client, and re-open it, you will connect to the VM and it will be running just how you left it.

It will immediately shut down the machine when you have the “Shutdown on close” option enabled. I do. Windows, at the same time, has a function such that the mouse gets stuck in the top and bottom, left and right hand corners of each screen.

Sure. I can turn each of these off.

I’d posit, however, an optimal UX would account for users having all possible combinations. I’d also posit it’s not an invaluable solution that comes with little expense.

It happened to me today as I zoomed between my VM and my host, going between Slack on my host and my debug session on the VM. I’d like the opportunity to alleviate my mistake.

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Thanks for clarifying - I don’t believe the “shutdown on close” is a default setting, so why enable it if it can potentially cause you trouble? I’d rather do an intentional shutdown on Windows - a much more deliberate action.


I had the option enabled because my son uses the VM occasionally to play games when I don’t use it for work. That’s rare. I’ve found myself in situations, however, where his usage of the VM in some way impedes me from doing what I need to do in an emergent situation.

I set this option such that I know when I tell him to close the software on his machine, it will shut down and in 10 minutes, I can boot a fresh session to the work side of the machine.

As I said, I could work around it, I guess. It was only a suggestion, either way. I couldn’t make a suggestion/submit an idea.