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  • 26 September 2022
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I use Shadow on several devices with different resolutions which appears to cause issues with the size of individual square of the grid on the desktop. This makes icons take half the screen and complete mess up the desktop. Only two icons can been seen and the other stack behind each other.

This problem is pretty recent, do you experienced it too ? Do you have a solution for it ?

Thanks in advance.


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4 replies

This is an issue with the Windows Scaling feature. To change this, go to start > type in “change the resolution of the display”. In this window there should be a drop-down menu called Scale under Scale and Layout. Change this value to 100%. This will correct the display issue across all devices. 

Thank you, it partially worked. Now the icons take less space but still not regular. See attached, this is the closest they can get. I rebooted several times my Shadow but still it doesn’t change anything.


To rearrange your desktop icons simply right click anywhere on your desktop, and in the drop down menu click Sort By then select Item Type.

Ok maybe I wasn’t clear, see attached the size taken by one icon as highlighted. The two “rows” of icons you can see are the closest. I cannot put any other icon between the two and there is no third row on the grid. This means I can only have 8 icons on my desktop.