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  • 27 July 2021
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It says my subscription comes with an SSD but compared to my old crucial SSD for a 2010 laptop, this is sad. Is there some way to speed up the load time or do I have to wait for ssd upgrade options to be available?

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1 reply

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Hello friend! I was of the same opinion as you before someone explained something to me ahah !.


In fact, do you see if you are talking about downloads of games or software, indeed Shadow is slow at times, simply because some companions like Epic game or Battlnet bridle downloads when they are too numerous and come from the same ip address.


Currently I am treating Shadow to also problem at the level of the optantion of powerful material. You have to understand them, here we are not talking about a person in his garage who wants this set up a gaming configuration.



But of a company which must find computer equipment in large quantities at a time when even the rich are having difficulty having a Nvme of 500g under $ 300. 



So imagine having to pay $ 300 x 200,000 for example! It is simply unbearable for this little companion who tries to simply offer something unique while keeping the human side of the compagny. 



We should already be happy to be able to have fun with PCs that can run Cold War in ultra at constant 60 FPS haha.



 I hope I have cleared up a minimum of <3 for you next time maybe ♥️.