some games blur others look great

  • 29 January 2021
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This was touched upon in this question, but not fully answered 


Official version

Intel i7-3770S

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Paris (210mbps / 35upload, 23 ping, 2ms Jitter)

Monitor Dell 144hz (also tried on an older monitor with the same problem)

Some games run perfectly (Destiny 2, Fortnite) others like Dayz and Deadside, State of Decay 2 have graphical issues - but only on my PC version of Shadow.  

When my character moves in game the resolution gets blurry, then it refocuses when I stand still.  This is not an issue on the same games on Shadow Ipad or Google TV app, and not an issue in all games.

I have tweaked settings, resolutions, after effects, low bandwidth mode etc with no improvement.  My question is really why do these games look great on Ipad, and crap on my PC? 

I prefer to play on my pc, and this issue puts me off buying new AA titles if I can’t be sure if the stream will look good on my PC?

My PC isn’t wired directly, but wired via a mesh system with 200ish.  Of course the TV and Ipad aren’t wired and the stream is much better.  Any ideas? thanks

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