Some games do not work, do not start. Windows Server 2019

  • 28 August 2022
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I am delighted to use shadow, it is a very stable and reliable system and platform.
I have upgraded to a higher version with 32GB ram and nvidia RTX 6000. 
The system still seems to be in early access.
I don't understand why I have been given the platform on windows server 2019 and not windows 10 like normal shadow. 
I think that having the windows server 2019 operating system is imcompatible with many games I'm not sure, at the moment I use the system for work and play but some games of last generation work perfectly and others however not as forza horizon 5 that does not boot.
It also does not allow me to install Gforce Experience because it gives error.
Any suggestions are welcome. I was thinking of talking to shadow support to see if there is a possibility of getting the system with windows 10. 
I think windows server 2019 is not good for games, can it be?

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2 replies

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It’s curious why they’d give you Server 2019, but in terms of the RTX 6000 - that is not a GeForce GPU, so GeForce Experience isn’t applicable. The equivalent for that GPU is RTX Experience. Have you tried to install the latter?

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Hello @Nicot, thank you for being a part of #TeamShadow. 


From what you have described, it sounds like you are using Shadow Business Solutions. If that is the case, I highly recommend reaching out to your Account Manager so they are able to help clarify the specifics of your Shadow.