Some of that native driver support would be appreciated

  • 27 August 2021
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Shadow, I love you

js, besides the mayhem that's collided, I'm still by your side, so help me out


  • I love how from day one I was able to plug in any controller dating back to Xplore GH2 controller and it was natively compliant. Im not sure how your logistics work with the driver emulation or however 
  • I would like for my native computer to be able to recognize my dual sense, not for haptic feedback, that'd be wonderful, but so i games i play like PS NOW will recognize it as a ps controller, if not i gotta use DS4windows, which is awesome in its own way
  • can we have to access to some drivers, ideas, or what to help with that ?
  • and lastly, i bought Xbox one wireless adapter, and it picks up my controllers, other than when i have my RB4 guitar, plugged in, it doesn't recognize it as a guitar controller like the xplorer does,  i know this isn't wildly something that needs the attention of the masses, but ive been trying to play rb vr for so long, and i have everything running excellent, other than the guitat im able to go to work with it, because its wired, is literally the guts of an old gh controller. lol help

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Hi @Finessefigure 


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