Speedtest error.

  • 30 March 2021
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I used the speedtest in the past without issues but the last few weeks it gives an error and tells me to try again, to no avail. Is this a known issue? Shadow also seems to occasionally reset itself to 5mb/s, while I have a 100mb/s connection.

Also, the “how did your last session go?” question no longer accepts input. I use Shadow on my Nvidia Shield, I can use the Shield controller to move the stars or select skip but when I want to confirm it does nothing, I have to use the < button to get out of the screen. This also used to work fine in the past.

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1 reply

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Hey @Everstorm,
which speedtest are you trying to use? Are you talking about shadow or your local PC? Make sure “Adapt max bitrate” and Bandwidth auto-detect are off. You should select your bandwidth manually in your launcher (always select about 10 to 15mbit less than your local connection provides). 

There is a bug-reporting section in this forum. Feel free to report your issue with the feedback there. Make sure that this bug hasn’t been sent in already and provide information like your device, controller, launcherversion etc etc.