Steam Download Speeds

  • 20 November 2021
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Hey everyone hope someone can help with this. Originally this started with the C Drive being really slow and the D drive downloading just fine. Yesterday when I tried to do an update on a game it is now doing this on the D drive. It starts off downloading really fast for about 10 seconds then drops to pretty much nothing. I can no longer update or download any of my steam games!!!! I’m on the Dallas server. Any workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks

2 replies

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Think I’ve been seeing this and politely getting blown off by support for like a year now? Think I’m going to dump my extra storage, last I tried it was so slow it was useless, I had to reinstall my games on the main drive. The way steam shows the download/install activity makes it a little confusing, but it’s just the disk performance being gone. About at the end of a very long rope. 

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Hello @Cygnostik 

You can request compensation for the not usable drives via support ticket. This won't fix your issue, but you at least don't have to pay for something you cannot use.