Storage full on update COD MW Season 4

  • 11 June 2020
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Soo Today the day came.. i cant play Modern Warfare anymore since the storage is full.. i really hope the storage on AMS will be available very very soon, cuz im out of use of my shadow again… does anyone have a suggestion for fixing this or how i can still play it


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Uninstall cod and do a fresh install of cod if you dont have enough space to update. 

fresh install has a smaller size. 

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No clue how a single game, unmodded, can take up like 300gb. Unfortunately, until you’re able to get more storage, nothing can really be done. Your only choice is to uninstall the game when you’re not planning on playing it

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I was able to make a total of 206gb free, the only thing I didn’t cleanup because of the risk for a not working shadowvm after Windows-updates,  is to remove the packagefiles in the Winsxs folder. (7gb)

I didn’t try this, but you always can ask Shadow to set a clean shadow vm image back through the app or website.

The installer2 folder in Nvidia folder is 5gb that I removed, gave no problems yet 😋

Maby a Shadow employee can tell us if it’s possible to cleanup Winsxs folder and the roadmap to more additional storage on AMS.