Stream is stuttering/frameskipping

  • 22 April 2023
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This problem is rather baffeling, given that in early February everything was still working fine using the same settings i use now.

It actually started in March but i classified it as a hopefully temporary problem that would soon be fixed/fix itself. Since i’m currently a rather infrequent User (maybe 2 to 3 days a month) who mostly plays stuff that isn’t really impacted by it, i ignored it until now.

Also there is no indication that anything is wrong on my side beside the stutter.
No packet loss, nominal 25ms average latency and no matter what i do the stutter persists.
5 to 40 Mbit/s Bitrate
1080p/30hz to 4k/60hz
H256 on or off
nothing makes a difference, it just keeps skipping once or twice every second.

A secondary effect is that the stream freezes rather frequently (roughly once every 1 to 2 hours) and needs to be restated.


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4 replies

hi im getting the same issue its really enoying dont know why but they need to fix it fast as it cost a lot of money and its barely usable

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For future reference, Shadow requires 15 Mb/s bandwidth at a minimum. Going below 15 Mb/s is generally for keeping your Shadow online while sacrificing video quality. Going forward, please do not drop your bandwidth below 15 Mb/s.


Are you connected over Ethernet? If not, we recommend doing so.


For starters, let's try restarting your stream when this happens. You can do so by accessing the quick menu and there should be an option at the top or you can use the hotkey WIN + ALT + R (Windows), CMD + Options + R (Mac), or in your settings for mobile.


If that doesn't work, please try reinstalling the latest GPU drivers on Shadow as that has audio components as part of the update. You can use Nvidia's GeForce Experience to update your drivers on Shadow:


If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team from your account page.

So i tried a bit more, but firstly, yes I am connected via Ethernet.
Ironically when i connect from my Android Smartphone there are no issues what so ever.


Secondly, no Restarting the Stream doesn’t help, in fact that is something i need to do semi-regularly anyway since a secondary symptom of my issue is that the stream freezes at least once every 2 hours or so, sometimes less, sometimes more.


I updated the GPU driver on the Shadow, GeForce Experience however did not work for that since it kept throwing error when i tried, so i had to do it manually. (Interesiting tidbit, when updating through GFE it wanted to install the RTX/Quadro Release 530, while when i looked for drivers on the Website they offered me the Release 525, went with the 530 ultimately.) It did not help.


Next i did was updating the GPU driver on my PC, didn’t help either.


So the Result is that the Issue persists, but now i very much suspect that the issue lies within the Windows Shadow App, since it worked just fine using the Android one.


Next step is to contact the Support, i’ll update if that yields anything.

The Problem was ultimately that the Framerate/Displayrate between my PC and Shadow didn’t match up.

My Shadow was running at either 30 or 60 FPS/Hz, while my PC had defaulted to 24Hz due to being connected to a Home cinema system. A Quick change in the Nvidia Settings had my PC running at 30Hz and the problem was fixed.