stutter in stream on 1440p

  • 21 February 2021
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  • Application type Ghost 

  • Shadow Client Version Official

  • Local device CPU ghost 

  • Local device GPU ghost 

  • Datacenter location Amsterdam 

  • Connection speed 500 mbit

Description I have buy a new 1440p (60 hz) monitor and have some weird stutter in the game/stream. My game FPS and shadow FPS are 60 but I have a micro stutter with movements.

I have my ghost connected with a hdmi cable (high speed) I order today a 2.1 ultra speed cable maybe that works. Is a 2.1 cable backwards comitable to hdmi 2.0 and 1.4?

I have the stutter only at 1440p resolution when I set it back to 1080 then I have no stutter.

I have the problem only with my ghost when I connect the screen on my laptop with a display cable and set the resolution to 1440p its all fine and smooth. 

ghost have a hdmi 2.0 my monitor have a hdmi 1.4 hdmi is a ultraspeed hdmi a solution or no different?

otherwiseI will connect my ghost to my display port but I find no solution for hdmi to display port only from display port to hdmi (wrong direction)

Shadow works very wel on 1080 p no problems maybe someone a solution


greetz Droedel

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