Switch Pro controller not working on macOS Ventura (13.0.1)

  • 6 January 2023
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macOS Ventura (13.0.1) with a Switch Pro controller:

  • Connected via Bluetooth: Controller isn’t at all detected
  • Connected via USB-C: Controller is detected but produces garbled data (you can check using the Game Controller settings pane in Windows + also verified in BeamNG)

I should add: The controller is correctly identified and usable in macOS itself. Also, when I use it in GeForce NOW it works like a charm, at least via Bluetooth. No configuration necessary.

Attempted so far: 

  • Both the beta and the stable version of the Shadow macOS client
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the USB drivers in Shadow a few times
  • Both Bluetooth and USB-C (see above)
  • Various control panels and settings panes in Windows (e.g. the Game Controller settings - it’s detected but unusable via USB but not at all detected via Bluetooth)
  • Playing BeamNG and checking if the controller is usable there - it’s not. Bluetooth - can’t see it. USB -  can see it but produces garbled data across all buttons and axes)

Anyone have any experience dealing with something similar. This thread suggests that it’s related to the last version of macOS. I can’t verify since I just become a Shadow customer. But, as said, in the same macOS version my controller works fine in GFN.

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3 replies

Update: I managed to make it work when plugged in through USB-C, but not via Bluetooth.

For anyone facing similar situations: I rebooted my computer. Re-plugged in my Switch Pro controller. I used the Steam controller settings page to configure it.

Not sure which of those steps, if any, that fixed it but something did.

Still doesn’t work through Bluetooth, though.

Same problem here. 

Manage to figure it out? I still can’t get it to work via Bluetooth but after meandering through my steps above I managed to get it to work through USB. 

Very little documentation or troubleshooting instructions around this, surprisingly.