System requirements to stream 4k without lag/dropping frames?

  • 18 November 2022
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Hi, streaming is very smooth at 1080p but it’s unusable when connecting my laptop to a 4k display - I’m assuming this is because it’s not powerful enough at decoding the video and is dropping most frames?

If it’s not an issue on my end, are there any system requirements for 4k 60fps available so I can look for something suitable to use instead of my laptop? The ones on the main website don’t even mention the GPU, and I far exceed them.


I have:

CPU/APU: Ryzen 5 3500u (Zen+)
GPU: integrated Radeon Vega 8
Beta client, no power upgrade (I will if I can get 4k to work)
Network: 10ms to datacenter, >400 Mbps

YouTube streams with 0 frames dropped at 4k. 


Screenshot below is streaming a 4k 60fps YouTube video (not the actual game). It keeps freezing for about 1 second every 2-4 seconds. It looks like frame dropping? The latency graph looks very different to when I stream at 1080p (it’s very smooth, 10-12 ms). I’ve tried messing around with the bandwidth options and they don’t seem to make any difference.



Any ideas? Thanks :)

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Hi @qexk 

Try ethernet to see if its your wifi causing your dropped frames. -Gelgoog