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  • 23 June 2022
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Send in a help request about the performance of my shadow going down the drain. I got a reply promptly asking me to run some test. I did those, and then nothing. Not further updates from their side for two days. Is this normal?

My Shadow's performance remains poor, internet connection is crap.

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3 replies

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Hey there @Everstorm, sorry to hear about the delay in your reply. I’ll be sure to pass your feedback to our Support Team.


If you have not received a reply yet, I recommend following up on your ticket by replying back to it. We appreciate your understanding and patience while our Support Team works with you in resolving your question. 


They just aren't helpful, I'm close to just giving up. My Shadow works perfectly fine at 7.30am, but during peak hours it just slows to a crawl. All tech support offers is “running some maintenance”. That didn't help the first two times they did that, why would it help now?

Mean while the server status page says degraded performance for several servers, including mine (Dunkirk) since april 20th(!). When I ask if that might have anything to do with it I get no answers.

Been using Shadow for 2,5 years, specifically to play The Elder Scrolls Online. That has worked perfectly fine until two weeks ago. Not getting any help or answers is very frustrating.



And again: Shadow worked fine this morning before work, and now at 5pm I had to restart four times before I could get to the desktop. Desktop is extremely slow, I click an icon and nothing happens, then screen goes black for a bit and then finally something actually starts. But yeah, let's run "some maintenance" again…

Also I frequently get a message about an issue with the update service for Shadow when I start up with the advice to contact support. I asked in email three times now what that means: no response.