The [Almost] All-In-One-Guide to Shadow.

  • 27 May 2020
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If you’re a newer member to the Shadow Community, welcome! If you’re seeking out some assistance upon what you can do with your new Shadow; here’s a few tips or even recommendations to what you can feel free to do to your Shadow. 


  1. Using Storage Responsibly: This is the most important tip to actually take note of when using your Shadow. If you may haven’t known already, when ordering Shadow you’re limited to 256 GB’s upon ordering the base tier [Boost]. It’s recommended that you use this storage responsibly and not quickly! If you have the money to burn, feel free to add more storage via the account page ( This will help maintain your storage and allow for you to download all of your favorite games! ) 
  2. Terms and Rules: Because this is a streamed based service with databases, it’s important to actually follow the rules given in this community. Most rules are quite simple to follow. Overclocking, Torrenting, and Mining Crypto-Currency are a few of the rules to not do with your Shadow. For more information upon this topic, please look at the link supplied, breaking some of the rules stated in the support post could lead to Permanent termination of your Shadow Account. Shadow Help — Rules
  3. Choosing which Software to Install: It’s important to manage what stuff you actually install on your Shadow to be sure you get the most use out of the application [ Not to mention the fact that you’re wasting storage on an application if you are installing pointless software that doesn’t have a bonus to you ].
  4. Wifi vs Ethernet: If you haven’t already noticed; this is a streaming service, because of this you may have noticed latency if you’re using Wifi [ keep into mind that Shadow uses a LOT bandwidth, be sure to tweak how much bandwidth you want Shadow to use before streaming! ]. It’s quite important to choose which type of connection you’d prefer. Ethernet has a few benefits as you’ll be hardwired into the router at all times and you won’t be faced with much issue. However, if you’re streaming with Wifi, be sure to check if your PC supports 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. These two will affect how much bandwidth you’ll be able to pull from the router. 
  5. Having fun! : Despite this list being quite short for a forum posts, this is more of a “Getting Started with Shadow” type of post, only meant for grabbing the attention of newer Shadow user’s. Whatever the case, feel free to relax yourself within the forums and even ask questions if you are having issues with your Shadow. 

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