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  • 24 June 2020
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Just thought I would share my thoughts on how shadow has seemed different lately. I have been actively using shadow for around a year and a half now, but recently (around the last 3 months) I have been getting unplayable connections. I average around 120 MBPS download speed and around 90 MBPS download speed with a wired connection so it surprises me how laggy shadow has been. I used to use it with no issue and had an amazing experience but now I seem to be getting spikes every 20 seconds even though I tried setting my bandwidth all the way to 10. 

Wondering if anyone else has a premium connection and is experiencing this issue or knows how to solve it. Thought I would try the forums instead of contacting support for the 20th time. 

7 replies

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We’ve found with most of the country working from home that a lot of ISPs are over loaded. The best way to find your pain point is with a trace route. Download Ping Plotter and install. From your Shadow open your browser and type what is my ip. You shold hit a site that will give you the public IP for Shadow. Use Ping Plotter to track the connection to that IP. Look and see where you are getting packet loss or latency. 

For others that are reading this topic, it’s always a really good idea to fact check your own connection first. Most of the time your own connections is the bottleneck.



I have only had Shadow a month but it varies wildly from acceptable to useless with nothing changing on my home setup.


The last week I have pretty much given up and will likely cancel my subscription as it seems to now be pretty much always useless with constant latency spikes apparent and I can see I am not alone from a quick look around.


I dont have the best connection to start with so the drop in service has pretty much killed it for me entirely.



Tracrt from home network to shadowPC


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Tracrt from home network to shadowPC


That looks like there is an issue in the path to Shadow. Its really unfortunate that you cant use Shadow anymore because for this :(


I’m trying to fully decipher this but apart from why a couple of earlier hops are red bars suggesting they were dropped completely, some of the widest ranging hops are actually in the shadow DC by the looks of it (hop 14&15)  

An earlier one might also be Shadows ISP/backbone (  but there is something over here too that’s not great.