Thrustmaster TMX driver works on host but showing exclamation on Shadow

  • 11 January 2021
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Anyone running  a Thrustmaster TMX Pro steering wheel setup through to Shadow?


I am able to install the drivers and updates for the wheel on the laptop and it works as expected.  However, the Shadow device manager shows a yellow exclamation for the usb device. I have tried installing directx 9c, making sure the usb peripheral is checked and different patterns of booting and rebooting with no luck. The same driver is installed on both machines as far as i can tell.

Windows tells me it is the best driver, there is nothing in Windows updates, and when selected other drivers from a compatibility list the same friendly exclamation mark is there.



I have 852.5 up / 41.8 down / 7 ping.

I hear there is a third party usb porter you can get but an not seeing more money as a solution.


Anyone have this trouble  with this wheel?  Is it working for you or is this a Shadow dirty little secret?

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