Trying to connect on university wifi

  • 15 February 2022
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Hi all,
I subscribed to shadow today as I have missed being able to play games since I am a university student and my main PC is still at home.
The PC I have with me is capable of running a few games however any FPSs are unplayable (frame rate too low due to integrated graphics)
I am having troubles connecting to the rig and I think it is because of the network settings here in my apartment (I use the building’s wifi; it’s fast up&down with low latency)
I believe it is the building’s network settings that are hindering the ability to connect since when I run a hotspot it works (please refrain from just telling me to use my hotspot permanently). And I have turned off anti-virus/firewall to no avail

Anyways. Is there are solution that anyone knows of to circumvent these restrictions? VPN? VMware? Anything?
I am not very well educated in the ins and outs of networking so any ideas/help will be useful!

Many thanks!

  • Application type (Windows/Mac/Mobile/etc.): Windows 10

  • Shadow Client Version (Official/Beta/Alpha): Official

  • Local device CPU:

  • Local device GPU:

  • Datacenter location: AMS

  • Connection speed: 30 up 50 down Mbps. 14ms ping

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Hello @Bandzavelly 
As you said correctly already a VPN would be worth a try. You could also try by cloudflare which wouldn’t be a big impact on your latency, but there are chances of this not working as it is technically not a full VPN. A normal VPN connection like you might know from NordVPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN etc do usually increase the latency even drastically if you are unlucky. Make sure to try both, selecting a server close to the Shadow datacenter and a server close to your home and check what gives you the best results.