turtle beach velocityone flight

  • 19 November 2022
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Does anyone of you using the turtle beach velocityone flight ?

6 replies


Hello Shadow-Family,

is anyone of you using the turtle beach velocityone flight on a shadow server? I tried it today, but it doesn't work. I would be happy if anyone has an fantastic idea. ;-)


Best wishes,


Dear all,

I’ve tried to “forward” the device “Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight” but:

  1. Shadow currently does not allow for one device to be forwarded (not even the headset!). This is an issue that is faced by multiple users
  2. Apparently, VirtualHere does also not support the USB-forwarding (see

Can you please have a look at this and fix the issue? I really like the service and would like to enjoy it also in the future as SIM fan.



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If you would like, you can try our Beta app to see if that helps. The Beta app has our new in-house USB drivers that we’ve developed. We’re working on improving our USB support.


You can find the Beta app by joining our Discord:

Dear Jonathan,

I‘m already running Beta. The difference to the standard version is that I can indeed select the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight for USB-Forwarding but as soon as I do this (checkbox market), the device disconnect and the checkbox is empty again. After this, I can no longer select it.


Same here…. I just sold the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight and bought the Honeycomb Alpha and Honeycomb Bravo. Both are working very fine with “Shadow”

Well… it works like a charme with FlexiHub…


@Jonathan from Shadow : Perhaps it makes sense to look into the FlexiHub solution since it resolves the issue for devices in D0 and D3 Power Mode (seems to be a Power Setting and Timeout issue).