Unable to launch shadow for a week

  • 22 October 2022
  • 3 replies


Was able to load and play on Shadow just fine until 10/15. It randomly booted me offline and now when I try to launch it, it never actually loads. Just recently got my account to where it could log into the website and wasn’t in “maintenance mode”. Even after getting double billed for the same month (1 month was refunded back), I’ve still been paying for a service I cant even use for a week now. I have tried uninstalling shadow, reinstalling it, restarting my device, restarting shadow vm, and even using a completely different phone and PC. Primary phone is Samsung Galaxy A02S and secondary phone is Moto G.

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3 replies


Same problem . Now the desktop icon is not working. When I go to login with browser the page is not loading. Sigh. Did the update to get the power upgrade so this isn’t too funny.

Same, won’t load gets ¾ way.

Can login to other shadow accounts on this pc no problem. Made support ticket 4 days ago no reply. 

Wtf is this service??


Check your antivirus program and firewall settings. We renewed our protection plan and it started blocking shadow. It is possible that the update or change to ovcloud has caused this.