unacceptably low framerate in modded mc

  • 7 October 2021
  • 1 reply

So I've been playing modded minecraft (oceanblock to be specific) and I've noticed I'm only getting about 35 to 40 fps average. My friend plays the same server and even came to my base where I was having framerate issues and never dropped below 60 and he has a worse pc than shadow. 8 gb ram older Intel I5 and gtx 750. 

I have checked the internet I get 100 down 70 up to MY pc and have shadow set to 60 mbps. This is also in game lag as it's the f3 debug screen I'm referring to 

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1 reply

Have you taken a look at what your response times end up being with the Shadow connection? This could play a factor in how many fps you’re actually getting.

For example, I have to run my laptop off of WiFi due to my current network configuration. My monitor can run at 144hz but my game usually caps out at 30-40 due to my response time being spotty. My internet is 100up/down, but still runs into that. I know that if I had a wired network configuration that my results would be greatly increased in that sense. I’d imagine that if you had a pretty small response time, that it could help if that seems to be an issue.