Unmanageable Latency

Over the last couple weeks my Shadow latency has been spiking an hovering in the 700 m/s  range periodically.


This is not a local router issue as I tested both systems independently and my latency test on my base system is in the 50 m/s range. Once I speed test from Shadow there is a remarkable difference.


I primarily use the shadow for PC gaming and the effect is that I am playing in tar where my actions and results are disconnected in a very noticeable way and the screen will start to artifact with a smoky wavy digital noise that is only on the shadow.


My first thought was that global bandwidth may have spilled over into the connectivity but this problem has been very constant for about 3 weeks now. I cannot realistically play ANY first person shooter as the latency makes it a frustrating experience. I live in Los Angeles presumably close to a data center so Idon’t know what gives.


Any help in this arena would be appreciated.


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Sweet! Glad it worked for you. It’s kind of a weird fix, given that you’d expect “Prefer reliability” to be the option that would provide more consistent latency.

I’m just “thinking out loud” here...the “prefer speed” setting uses UDP for streaming, while “prefer reliability” uses TCP. The latter is going to use more bandwidth due to the need for acknowledgements, and also be subject to “contention” and traffic being more “out of order.” Perhaps those variables magnify any input latency generated by the controls.