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  • 13 December 2021
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Hello, trying to play VR and the image is all blocky and unplayable.  I am set to 5ghz... less than 20 ms latency, 118 mbps download speed.  So God dam fed up right now, I have seen people playing with a good display with less.  Is there anything I can do whatsoever? 

Pretty fed up with shadow right now

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1 reply

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What VR headset are you using? 


For my quest 2 to work I had to use the Sidequest app and turn on developer mode in order to increase it's CPU, it's texture detail, it's FPS, and other settings. 


After doing that I set my bandwidth to 40-70mb/s, then turn off the the adjust bitrate setting. If you have that low bitrate setting on anytime you have too many pixels on screen (ex. Running through very dense foliage, or contrasting colors) you'll see everything go blockly and pixelated. 


If that doesn't work make sure the game you are running and the shadow PC your using have their resolutions correct. Some games I launch in VR will start off in 1080p(1920 x 1080) and I have to change them to 2k(2650 x 1440). 


Hope this helps