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  • 19 January 2022
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Using the android app on my Nvidia Shield. When I started it up last monday I got a message that the app was updating. It showed “uninstalling component 2 of 8” for at least 20 minutes. Then it out of nowhere it went back to the home screen and I could start up Shadow as normal, no further mention of any update and it seems to work fine. But an annoyance that plagued me a while ago is now back: the windows setting to make everything  bigger resets back to 100% each time I boot up. I play on my tv so I want it at 125.


Also, like half the time I don't have sound. Rebooting the Shield seems to fix it, even though the other apps on the shield have sound just fine.

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Hi @Everstorm,


Here is a best practice that I can offer to help alleviate your frustrations with Shadow the next time it won't load properly.


If you experience this again in the future, go ahead and shut down your Shadow from the app. It's going to be in the Shadow app settings, you should see the power option to "Turn off Shadow". This should turn your Shadow off completely, after doing so, please wait about 10 minutes before starting your Shadow again.


In regards to your sound issues, we usually suggest reinstalling your graphics drivers as that has audio components as part of the update: https://help.shadow.tech/hc/en-gb/articles/360000455674-How-to-update-NVIDIA-Drivers-on-Shadow 


If you ever have issues or you might be concerned, please go ahead and reach out to our wonderful Support Team from your accounts page (https://account.shadow.tech/home/support) so that they can help look into this further.