Update Feb 2021 - Mic input android fails

  • 11 February 2021
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<Edit of question - found fix>

Solution to two issues still existing in the android app with mic forwarding.

A) users experience sound working but mic not working
B) users experience mic working but with a 5-10 second delay on input. 

<First enable mic in app of course :))

Fix for me:
1) rightclick sounds (taskbar) )))
2) click recording
3) rightclick Externtal mic headphone > Select: Configure Speech recognition
4) Go to: Advanced speech options (left side)
5) Click advanced at the bottom.
6) Select: Use this audio device (Don't select preferred device)
7) Select: configure microphone. Run test.
8) Restart Shadow.

Now it should work on Teamspeak, Discord. 

Try it out. Hopefully it works for you.



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