uplay store not compatible with shadow

  • 27 May 2020
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Hey guys,

I have purchased a game from uplay store and when I logged in to shadow I didn't see it in my order history!!

It turned out that uplay has a separate store for each country. And as you know shadow moves you to a different server each day.


Which means you can't download and play any game you purchase on uplay as it wouldn't be available on shadow when you login to your account.


If anyone has a similar or different experience please let me know


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2 replies


UPlay should work perfectly fine on Shadow, I personally use UPlay on Shadow for The Crew 2 and a couple of Assassin’s Creed games, my home country is the UK, the Shadow is located in France. Are you sure you’re definitely logging into the same account on the Shadow? And another thing to ensure is that the transaction actually went through and the game appears on the account where you purchased it.

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Interesting though. 

Yes, the exact same account. Even when I login to it in ireland it shows normally but in France or Germany it doesn't. 

I contacted them and they told me "well, that's because each country has a separate store" and that was surprising.

Did you buy directly from ubisoft website/uplay or you purchased it from another store and used uplay with it?

Because for my assassins creed who I originally bought on stream, they run absolutely fine.