Usage Stats - Bandwidth stats showing half the allocated bandwidth

  • 30 May 2020
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I’ve recently noticed that my bandwidth usage (Win+Alt+O) is consistently showing me half the max allocated amount.

In this particular case I was playing Shadow of War (at 1600p) and showing 30-35mbps (when I have at max 70mbps). If I reduced the maximum to 50mbps (for example), I noticed the bandwidth usage stats would reduce to 20-25mbps - meaning half the actually max amount.

This seems strange and I am unable to understand whether this is just a bug with the stats or my bandwidth is really getting cut in half. Anyone else experienced this?


Please notice I am pretty sure I was seeing the full bandwidth usage (60-70mbps) when I was playing my previous game a while back,



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This is a bug I’ve heard of. I believe they are working on it, and I believe it is fixed in the alpha client. Try that)