USB 3 forwarding on Shadow Ghost

  • 9 June 2020
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Yesterday I was upgraded to the Infinite package (yeah!) from the original, now known as Boost package. My USB 3.0 ports no longer recognize anything. Prior to the upgrade everything just worked and never had an issue. My Razer products aren’t being recognized nor do they work at all. I get the “device not recognized” error from windows. I had to switch my keyboard and mouse over to USB 2 in order for them to work at all. My headset with mic was my most important piece of equipment when gaming and it just does not work. Anyone else have or had this issue? Any known fixes??


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What was your ping on Boost and what is it now on Infinite ?

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Thank you again for your help, over on Discord. I have submitted a ticket about my latency issues that now exist with the Infinite ‘upgrade’.


For anyone reading this that has the same issue with your USB 3 ports not working, check your latency. Mine increased with the upgrade possibly due to the location of the host. Waiting to hear back from Shadow. I will post any info I get from them.