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  • 9 December 2021
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Ok I just got this and I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of hours now but I cannot get this to work at all.


I can get audio through my monitor but I need it coming through my USB adapter for headphones/mic.


Firstly I went on to the hub thing and under USB peripherals my device is displayed. I check the box, I hear it disconnecting from my main PC  then nothing… No audio no device listed on shadow. Restarted shadow, still nothing. Removed all devices and uninstalled drivers, tried again still nothing.


I then tried with my external HD, same issue as before… The box is ticked in shadow USB peripherals but nothing showing up on the shadow PC.. no way to access the drive.


Even if I try to set my main PC to default to my USB audio device then start shadow it still has no sound what so ever. Only when I play audio through either of my 3 monitors do I actually get sound.


When I have my USB audio selected I can hear the USB disconnecting every few mins…. 


Am I doing something wrong or is this a driver error and how can I fix it? 



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Hey @TommyFresh 

Shadow has deployed a fix for the USB Forwarding drivers. If you use Windows you have to download the Beta client from your account page → Applications. Then enter the launchersettings, go to “My Shadow” and remove the USB Forwarding drivers. Restart your computer, head to the launcher settings again, install the drivers, restart again and see if your devices work now.

If you are using a mac and are on MacOS Monterey you will have to do the same steps, but with the alpha version of Shadow.

You find a download link to the alpha version of Shadow on all the Shadow discord servers. To see the #alpha channel you have to enter the role channel “#roles” and assign yourself the Alpha Tester role. You will then be able to see the #alpha channel. The download link is in the pinned messages. Don’t hesitate to ask a Moderator, Guru or other users for help. NOTE: In order to interact with the discord community you have to first accept the rules in the #rules channel. Discord might ask you to verify your phone number which is required when entering communities like Shadow ENG/DE/FR.

NOTE: Forwarding input/output devices on Shadow is not advised as there might be some issues with that, since these devices actually disconnect from your PC (not physically, but virtually). Shadow does always use the output device that is currently configured on your local system.