USB Headset Connected Through USB Peripherals Occasionally Cutting Out

  • 27 September 2020
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Hi, I use a USB Headset called the “Logitech G430” and since my computer doesn’t come with a microphone jack I can’t use the headphone/microphone jack so, I have to use the usb connector that it came with. When I use the usb connector on my shadow, without fowarding it to shadow, the mic doesn’t work, and it can get really choppy sometimes. When I foward it, I can use my mic, but the choppy-ness increases a lot, my sound and my mic starts cutting out. Is there anyway to fix this?


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3 replies

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Dont forward it, use the mic option to use the mic on the headset. Make sure when you select it in the mic option that the mic inside Shadow isnt muted. 

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It just might be the connection load (upload) that is causing the stutters from high volume using USB devices. I have the same issue when I run my wheel and pedal set (racing) on the evenings when the kids and wife are using the internet as well.


It seems to be very heavy on the upload, any hic-up results in stuttering (using a 200mb fiber connection). Problem for me is that I crash the simcar when that happens; making the games unplayable in the evening :-(

Well yes, that audio you are sending using USB over IP has quite a bit rate to it as well as no latency tolerance. We are talking several megabits, provided your ISP gives you that much bandwidth on the upstream. Pretty much the size of those old PCM files sampling at 48k. USB over IP should be a very last resort. Webcams and microphones need compression over everyday internet connections. They suggested the microphone option which probably does compress things sufficiently. I used to use a second discord account for the cloud services that I used to use that did not support any form of microphone transmission. Either option should work fine.