USB Peripherals Bug Win 11

  • 25 April 2022
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  • Broken USB Drivers:

    Seemingly only with Windows 11, there is an error popping up every time Shadow Launcher(s) are opened stating to fix/uninstall the USB Drivers due to an error. Doing either of these does nothing to fix the problem. 

    I’ve attempted the following: Factory Reset on Shadow and Local PC. Manually reinstalling my local PCs USB Drivers. Manually uninstalling the USB drivers for shadow using the provided command from support, which was unsuccessful due to the file not being there in anyway. Support thus far after over a week of this issue has been unable to solve this for me, or anyone else as far as I know. 


  • Steps to reproduce the bug:

Could not find any specifics. This seems as I said, to only be an issue on Windows 11 from the people that I’ve talked to. 

  • Application/device, official or beta and version number.

HP Laptop 15. Official, Beta, Alpha. Latest (could not find, but has been steady updated.)


  • Additional Context. 

    For any specifics such as Eltima error logs, ect. Respond here or DM me on Discord at Semey#3957, or find me within Shadow’s Official Discord server.

2 replies

Update: This is apparently also being experienced by some on Windows 10.

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Hi @Semey 

I see you provided some useful information about your config. If you could provide a bit more it would be very helpful to others in assisting you.


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