Using shadow in China ?

  • 7 February 2023
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I am located in Beijing.
I would like with an android device (Zidoo Z9S) to use Shadow to play Elden Ring.
Is it possible ?
Is it possible with a VPN ?

Thanks in advance !




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4 replies


I don't think so. You can for sure get a subscription but the usage would be horrible because all servers are in EU and US and you're too far away, resulting in high ping and hindered user experience. You should consider a different cloud provider even though I never found any offer as convenient as shadow.

I initially got a shadow without a VPN even though it wasn't officially supported in my country (but now is).

Anyway, you can give a try for a month to the closest server to you, which I think it's Germany and see if it works out for you, else just stop paying.

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Hi @manuhard 

You cannot overcome the speed of light in a medium such as glass…. At best, your latency will be 137ms just to start….. It’s a bad idea to consider given the distance involved.

Is there a Shadow service, to test the speed and latency ?


Is there a Shadow service, to test the speed and latency ?