Using the microphone and speaker Bose QC35

  • 27 May 2020
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Anyone been able to successfully use the Bose QuietComfort 35 as a headset on shadow?


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5 replies

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Although I’ve never used these, I believe they’re bluetooth. Bluetooth headphones and microphone combos should work perfectly fine as long as your device recognises the microphone as a microphone and the headphones as a speaker


See , that’s the issue. It only recognizes it as a speaker even though it is definitely both. 

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Hey Dayman, thanks for the great question. For this I recommend contacting support if you’re still experiencing this issue, as they can both provide troubleshooting assistance and report this device specific issue to our devs

When i use mine with a gaming laptop both the output sound had input have to be the handsfree profile… Crapper sound quality annoyingly…. the QC35 don’t seem to work properly if you have stereo output selected and are trying to use the mic… / handsfree input.. both must be handsfree.

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I haven’t activated yet, so cannot comment on Shadow functionality.

On my laptop I use Bose AE2s (the poor relation of your QC35s) connected over bluetooth with a shure lavalier mic. In Sound Control Panel I set as default the Headphone profile not the hands-free for output, and set the the microphone as default for input. This did not work for some time, for some games, until I carried out the setup for the microphone for speech. Originally was setting it up specifically for use in MS Team, which simply would not work despite it working in Skype and was somewhat troublesome with some games (worked fine with COD Warzone, but was hit and miss with Fortnite and Xbox Game Bar/chat. Usually have Dolby Atmos enabled too.