virtual controller won’t go away


I have connected my PlayStation 4 controller to my iPad, however it only works inside of Shadow if I bring up the virtual controller, I don’t like this because it’s very distracting actually trying to play the game. If I close the virtual controller it disconnects the PlayStation controller. Please help!


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Which iOS version are you using and which shadow client?


Assuming you are using ios 13.5.1 and up to date shadow client from the app store then 


  • shutdown shadow
  • force close shadow app
  • go to settings > bluetooth
  • select your ds4 controller and forget it
  • send your ds4 controller into pairing mode by turning it off then start it again by pressing ps button and share and hold until the lightbar flashes
  • pair ds4 to ipad, wait until its connected
  • launch shadow app
  • go to shadow app settings
  • check the box playstation controller extended compatibility
  • launch shadow

if you dont see the extended compatibility option and the ds4 controller still does not work without calling the virtual controller then visit the testflight site

and download the beta app.

the beta app features should go live soon. sometime this week on the app store


That worked thank you for your quick help!