virtual Desktop, impossible mission

  • 30 December 2020
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Hi, I'm owner of Shadow two months ago. I'm really Really happy with the service, but I can't connect virtual desktop, so I can't use it with my oculus quest. 

Every time I try It, I get the "unreachable" Message. 

Have tried several firewall configs, reinstalled every program, have read many forums... 

I use my 4g mobile phone (Thetherin) to connect. Three months ago I have used other cloud service (paperspace) also with my mobile, and iVirtual desktop worked properly. 

Can you, please, help me? I'm crazy to find and answer. 


By the way, the Shadow Vr app allows me to connect with Steam, but it has so many tracking problems that is impossible to play something. When would be an update? It's seems that is the only chance I have to use Vr with Shadow. 


Thank you very much and happy new year. 


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