VKB + Honeycomb Bravo - USB Peripheral Joystick/Throttle - Not supported!

I bought shadow to have make some QA for mods I create for Flight Simulator 2020

However, my equipment is not supported.
Can you please add these usb peripherals?


  • Joystick VKB Gladiator → listed but auto unchecked every time
  • Honeycomb Bravo Throttle → not listed in usb peripherals available to forward


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Hey @Boris 

Shadow has deployed a fix for the USB Forwarding drivers. If you use Windows you have to download the Beta client from your account page → Applications. Then enter the launchersettings, go to “My Shadow” and remove the USB Forwarding drivers. Restart your computer, head to the launcher settings again, install the drivers, restart again and see if your devices work now.

If you are using a mac and are on MacOS Monterey you will have to do the same steps, but with the alpha version of Shadow.

You find a download link to the alpha version of Shadow on all the Shadow discord servers. To see the #alpha channel you have to enter the role channel “#roles” and assign yourself the Alpha Tester role. You will then be able to see the #alpha channel. The download link is in the pinned messages. Don’t hesitate to ask a Moderator, Guru or other users for help. NOTE: In order to interact with the discord community you have to first accept the rules in the #rules channel. Discord might ask you to verify your phone number which is required when entering communities like Shadow ENG/DE/FR.

Hi @Phobos thanks for your time

However, no progress in Beta Mode 
My “Honeycomb bravo” is not listed and  for my “Vkx Gladiator Joystick” it’s listed but it’s uncheck after 2 seconds (we can hears the usb sound IN and OUT several times)


Too bad this is the only critical thing I need to work with to use Shadow so I guess I will not renew the next month

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Hello @Boris 

If the Shadow USB Forwarding doesn't work out for you I can recommend using Zerotier and Virtualhere. This might be helpful:


Thanks @Phobos  but no. 
Pay a 40eurs license for something that supposed to work out of the box (and what I paid for) does not makes sense. 

Have a nice day

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@Boris virtual here is free for one server and one client. For the issue with the USB Forwarding of shadow you will have to contact support. It's just a recommendation to check virtual here while your USB forwarding is not working. 

have found a solution, check here on the forum (vitual here + hamachi)


Hey Guys,

I have a similar issue with my honeycomb.

@Boris have you found a solution?

@Tommyx32 which solution did you find? i cant see the path. thanks for sharing it again.


thanks for your help.

Hi NDORAM, please find below my previous topic

If you own an old joystick or unrecognized USB peripheral for gaming, maybe this solution will help


Whats needed :

Hamachi (
VirtualHere Server :
VirtuelHere Client :


Everything is working fine with the free versions of these softwares


Step by step procedure

On Local PC 

Launch the joystick driver in order to make it work on local pc
When recognized, launch Hamachi

On Shadow :
Launch Hamachi

Create a connection between the 2 hamachis

On local PC 
Launch VirtualHere server

On shadow 
Launch VirtualHere client

-> All USB devices should appear in virtualhere client on shadow
Select the joystick

And Voilaaa


Enjoy !

@Tommyx32 thank you for your help.

I have installed hamachi on my computer and created a network. Both my personal computer and shadow are connected to each other as you can see on the screenshot.

@Tommyx32 but on my shadow I still dont see my usb on virtual here.

Am I missing a step? 

Thanks for you help.

is virtual server installed and launched on local pc ? is your usb peripheral installed and fully fonctional locally ?


yes the virtual server is installed on the local pc (first screenshot that i have sent).
yes the usb is installed on the local PC i can see it in the windows 10 settings.

So i am not sure what I am doing wrong..
i have a green light in Hamachi so I guess my local and shadow are connected well; but do i need to do something with virtualHere client settings?

Hmm look like everything has been done correctly. try closing virtual here & launch it again. you should have on the client all your usb devices. have you enabled the USB device on your shadow launcher ? 


Yes, the Usb device is enabled.

I will start over from the beginning. Thank you very much for you help. I will keep you posted if i find a solution.