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  • 15 August 2022
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Long time client, faced today an issue I’ve never faced before. 

When I’ve tried login in to my account, had to face the new two-step authentication method. This is fine. 

What is UNACCEPTABLE is the screen saying that I had to “wait for an available slot”. The counter says that the “estimated remaining time” is 20 minutes, although it has fluctuated down and up for the past few minutes. 

The lack of waiting time is a critical factor that made me jump from other cloud providers to Shadow. Therefore, I would like to be know if this is due to a non-permanent and fixable system issue, or is this to be expected again in the future. If the latter is the case, I will be forced to search for alternative cloud gaming methods and would be very sorry to leave a service which I am very happy up to this point. 

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Hello @rarrais, sorry to hear that you are unable to login. Can you try again?


For now, you can track the issue on our status page here: