"Waiting for an available slot forever"

  • 14 January 2023
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I pay $50 a month for this and having to sit and look at a screen that says "ETA less than one minute" and have it be hours without anything happening is a bit frustrating. I was under the notion that I was paying for something I could access at any point in time, not that I was paying for a place in line that could be longer some days than it is others. Why not make it so the $50 I'm paying for every month goes to a slot that ONLY i can enter, therefore there's never any delays and i can use this service the way I'm supposed to be able to. I'm certain the reply I'm gonna get is the same generic response I see on every other board, but I'll shoot my shot. If I dont get a response that at least mentions why this is even happening by the end of the week, then im going to cancel my subscription. I'm still unable to log in. Thanks. 

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