When i enable duel monitors without 4:4:4 everything is laggy

  • 20 February 2023
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So when i enable duel monitors it well be normal for a few mins then all of the sudden shadow becomes very slow in usage stats it shows 60 fps but what im seeing is 3-7 fps.  Also if i enable 4:4:4 its fine but there is stutters in games and videos to the point where i cant do anything  and this happens even if i not using my second monitor i have told shadow about this in the past and they were no help

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Can you reach back out to our Support Team about this? They will be able to ask for logs so they can look into this further.


For now, I recommend connecting over Ethernet, testing out a different device and network, and making sure your monitor’s resolution is supported on Shadow. Please make sure that you are using a supported resolution with Shadow. Shadow can only support up to 144Hz at 1080p. If you are using resolutions above 1080p up to 4K, then your refresh rate can only be 60Hz. Please change your frame rate to 60 for any resolution above 1080p in your launcher settings.