why is my shadow not active

  • 3 January 2022
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I ordered my shadow pc a few days ago but it’s still not activated I checked the data center times and it said I would receive it under 1 hour but it’s been days. I was wondering what’s happening?

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6 replies

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Hello @Rssbryan_2 
Without information about the datacenter you are using and the country/state you have signed up for (your billing address) it is sadly not possible to answer your question.

Hello @Phobos i am currently using the Dallas Texas datacenter and I’m in Georgia.

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@Rssbryan_2 Georgia is covered by the New York datacenter which does currently have an estimated activation time of “By March 1st”. The entry on the Shop page and status page is sadly wrong. Shadow is already working on this problem.

We apologize for any confusion that may be on your account page. The correct activation estimate is now shown on your account page at

Similar situation here. Account page still says less than an hour. Chicago data center here. Any idea how long the wait is? 

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Activation is tied to user load. The more users the slower the activation but it will activate…. Just slower.