Why Shadow not working in USA 9/09/21

  • 9 September 2021
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Since Monday evening 9/06/21 My Shadow completely stop working especially while still playing a game. What happened I'm from US I received nothing about Shadow is down. I have a screen idling with Shadow starting shadow and nothing else happens to launch me officially in Shadow to play my games as of now I have 21 games filed with Shadow now I can't play them?


I'm playing a $11.99 a year expired 11/21 I just agreed to play the new update  prices  which Shadow no longer have yearly plans. Now it's $30 monthly. Which will start for me once my year plan expires 11/21. I thought by me agreeing to pay at a higher price with Shadow it will resume to start back up working. I been screwed. Shadow still not working. I need answers fast. This is unprofessional business not communicating in advance to us as valuable customers to Shadow. Without us there be no Shadow.. it's unfair to all of us. Just let us know something what Shadow in US not working in New York Data Center which I reside in State of PA.


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6 replies

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Hey @P0rthos 
That issue is not known and also not common. Since this issue was in no way possible to predict, you were not informed about it. This also shouldn’t be happening at all. My suggestion is creating a support ticket from your account page → Support and describe your issue, for them to look into your issue and give you some solutions / fix it for you. You also always have the option to factory reset your Shadow, which can also be done from the account page and usually helps resolving the issues. 

@P0rthos  I have the same issue it says shadow is off, and when I try to log in it just keeps on trying to connect to shadow. My server is New York Data Center and I reside in NY state. This is so unfair for me because I seldom use this shadow account and now I cant connect! Don’t give us false hope Shadow company, we help you guys, you help us. We need urgent resolution on this issue.

Same issue again tonight. New York server. Last night around the same time 10 -11 PM EST, I logged a ticket regarding this and was asked to try the Beta launcher. Meanwhile I was in chat with 3 other individual in the Shadow Discord who had the same issue. Eventually the issue cleared up for me and another chatter at around the same time which points to this possibly being a server side issue. There should be information put forth to the fine paying customers on why this may be occurring.

I’m a Shadow Boot user through New York site, seeing same problem today. Cannot connect.


I click on “Start Shadow”, it spins for a while, then returns to the home screen showing “Shadow is off - START AGAIN”.

Used the app to send logs, then opened a ticket to report the issue.

Was charged next payment earlier this week. Doe Shadow ever give compensation days for long outages?


Anyone on the NY Server, I have found that after a few consecutive clicks of "Start Again" It eventually connects for me. I don't close the client, nor click shutdown in the '? Menu', I've tried all of that and they don't seem to fix the problem. Just clicking "Start Again" maybe 5 times, and eventually the gears will start to turn.

Following up to say that Support already reached out and asked me to retry given status back from the team in New York. Was now able to connect tonight and finish dailies. Looks like back to normal.