Wifi and Shadow

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Does anyone have any struggle with bandwidth or download speed due to Shadow or internet speed?

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Me to man


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Me to man


Uhm, what do you mean exactly? 


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If you don’t mind, can you follow this template. It’ll help everyone in getting you the help you need.




@Kaji  yes, I’ve had issues before.  Usually, my two things to try when I did was make sure my wifi wasn’t acting up, because it did once, and also check the status of the data center you are using.  I use the Chicago one here in the US and with everything going on and stay at home orders, the network in that area has been a bit of an issue, not just for Shadow.  Besides that, I redo the autotest for bandwidth and the low bandwidth toggle.  Even when I’ve had a strong signal, that seemed to fix a lag issue I was seeing.

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Need better details, poor wifi data performance is typically not a Shadow issue. Need more details.