• 5 March 2022
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Efforts to use Shadow over WiFi on MacOS seem doomed to a poor experience- I can prove it.

Using a new M1 Macbook Air, with nothing installed but Shadow, if I disable location services as recommended and connect using a wireless access point 5 feet away from the Macbook, which is in turn wirelessly uplinked / using Mesh WiFi to connect to the internet I am able to connect and 95% of the time experience a good connection, however I will experience periods of acute frame drop, latency, and audio stutter about every five minutes or so, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less.

Here’s the thing, though: if I plug an ethernet cable in and connect to directly to the wireless access point, so that my network configuration looks like this

MacBook <--ethernet--> Access Point B <---wireless uplink-->Access Point A<---ethernet--> Fiberoptic 1 gigabit WAN connection


Then the problem goes away and I have perfect gameplay. This experiment isolates the MacBook’s wireless connection as the essential cause of the problem. It cannot be that the actual problem is that I am using WiFi as such, because using this configuration I am still using WiFi (for the mesh wireless uplink), just not MacOS wifi.

Similarly, if I connect directly to Wireless Access point A, from five feet away (thereby skipping the mesh uplink entirely), then I still experience the problem. The problem is clearly that MacOS’ WiFi connection is, in some way, buggy.

Having established that

  • It is possible to have a flawless wireless connection to Shadow, but not if the wireless connection starts with the MacBook itself
  • The problem is therefore not with WiFi
  • The problem is with MacOS

Has anyone been able to figure out how to make this problem better, and enable functional wireless connections to Shadow using MacOS?

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